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Quality Switch, Inc. can provide, through the use of standard components, its standard switches at a competitive price with lead times that can match our customer's production cycle.  We can modify our standard switches to fit unique applications or special needs.  We can provide quantity blankets to meet demands while minimizing our customer's costs and inventory.
Using SolidWorks, solid models are created to aide in the engineering process of standard switches. Below are some examples of these solid models of our standard switches along with the actual picture of the switch. Also shown below are pictures of common multi-voltage switches and tapchangers.

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Part # 1L0121205BG3-000-00

Part # 1L0121205BG3-000-00

Actual Switch Solid Model
Part # 1L0121205BG3-000-00
125 Amp, 125 BIL, 5 position, 3 deck, sliding ring type tapchanger
Part #: 1L0801105BS3-WT0-00 Part #: 1L0801105BS3-WT0-00 Solid Model
Actual Switch Solid Model
Part #: 1L0801105BS3-WT0-00
3 Deck, 5 position, 800 amp, 110 BIL, tapchanger for use in oil with non-metallic t-type deck mounting
SolidWorks also makes the design of custom switches more effective. Below is an example of a solid model of a custom switch.

Part#: 2L0800405SB3-000-00 Solid Model

Part#: 2L0800405SB3-000-00

3 Deck, 5 position, 800 amp, 45 BIL, selector style tapchanger for use in oil


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